Little thankies 8D

hahahha i know i put up this picture before. but it just seems sooooooooooo suitable for this situation nao.


@ Azhrien: Look, hon, I can totally explain myself... *okay i know you are at the point of snickering nao =.=llll* HAHAHAHAHHAHA~~~love you lots hon~~you know i wont stray right 8D erm erm. and i took some photos of ME and ME alone specially for you today *excuses* 8D will post them up later HAHHAHA AWWWW HON~~~ *hugs*

ANYHOW~ i just want to thank the people for the tags. KEEP 'EM COMING.
I wil try to reply every tag 8D YOU KNOW I WILL, i check my blog everyday and update everyday if i have a chance 8D

If you dont want to leave a name and just call yourself annoynomous or some other names, i m fine with it as long as its not bad comments. If you wanna bitch bout me in MY tagbox, leave your name so i know who hates me 8D. If i know your name and you are nice, i'll be nice to you. ^^


passerby > thankyou~~ i will work hard for my cosplays 8D

KiSa> LAWLS I ARE NOT SEXY LEGS *pokes own carrot legs*

azhrien> *grabs your fist* Hon~ i love you. truly 8D *points up* HAHAHAH *gets bricked*

suki> hahahah thanks~~~

Botak_Ahpek > 0.o I am surprised already 8D thanks man~~!!

Kai> obvious aint it not kai2

REIKO`` > haiya~~~~ no problem man. nao i m part of the team 8D WOOTZ


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