Little things of like~

hahhah no makeup, no photoshop 8D jus mah little eye when i just woke up 8X

looks damn nice to me though.

seriously, trend followers are okay, but people followers? you make youself look =.=;;; i dont even wanna say it bleargh.

Anyway. another boring day BUT~~~BUT~~~ CHII LOVES THURS FROM NOW ON 8D
cos my faci is this american-ish indian guy, call simon. he's damn cool alright...our breaks are always like whut? 1/2h earlier??? or even more 8D damn cool luh.

nothing much. facebook and chats. usual stuff. lawls.

so i'll end this post with yunjae 8D and yes, i disapprove of yunjae yaoi even though i read them.
-still listenin to mirotic-


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