random picture from kurobara by my fav cuz, fiona 8D

anyway. nothing much. today my sickness went for a downturn as expected. damn you deo and the cake.

went for hikaru's shoot and deo's 21st parteh yesterday. nothing much to say really =w=lll its like. lol. anyway. Sai was like half drunk XD so cute~ and i took photos with kaoru for the first time after knowing each other for so long. nothing much la. a few private chats with hikaru, and took taxi homw with him. he paid most of the fare~ thanks hika-chan~ hahhahaha like. damn tired, so slept in the taxi, and mr Hikaru forgot to take his reno jacket back *facepalm* now its with me. LAWLS!!!

anyway i m too sick to post pictures now. will do so tmr when i m in schol 8D school reopens tmr. i dont know whether to be happy or sad =.=lll


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