Sochii wonders......


like my title says. i wonder how many people reads this blog. I think it is actually damn cool if someone whom i do not know or do not know me at all read this blog. TAG ME K? i like knowing new people. homg. now i sound like some bimbo =A=lll

ANYHOW!!! yes. i bet you guys are wondering what's with the above picture. Apparently, after i heard that the old president is GONE, like GONE GONE DISAPPEAR. i was estatic. well...okay. jus okay. and i thought that JCIG was just gonna spiral down badly like last time so i dont give a fuck. until~~~~ YESH until~~~~ i know one of the members. well. actually I DIN KNOW SHE WAS!

Chika, was actually one of the JCIG member which i knew through stanley, so you can see, starting we din know AT ALL. I thought she was cool alright, and she takes advice on her outer DAMN WELL. i remember last night i was like, eh. your makeup look ganguro-ish =.= den she was like HOMG IS IT? HOMG MY CONCEALER IS IT?.... see? she took it well. the last time i said someone's makeup look very ganguro, she SNAPPED at me. i m not gonna say who man >.>llll

So anyway, she's cool. and den i got to know she was in JCIG, and she told me the news and all, ask me to come down some day and give it a chance and all so i was like...okok...alright. den i decided to give it a chance YESTERDAY. went and ask her if she need help with the JCIG booth. she was like HOMG YES PLEASE. so i went. when she told me they were wearin yukata i was like...shit >.> den i went into teh toilet and lo and behold. I saw nice obi's nice THICK spring styled yukata. i was like GLEE!!! den this girl who wore punk, she was wearing the RIGHT kind of stuff, something I WOULD WEAR...okay. not really the punk panks, too much frills for my thighs. but overall, it was good. so I did the makeup for her. and her hair HER HAIR was layered so nicely BUT BUT she say she dont style her hair one =.= pui. wasted. so i spiked her hair a little and send her off. so proud of her, i heard alot of people saying that she look damn cool okay.

SO~ i decided to join in and attract ppl today since i have no class and i have fyp anyway~ so yea, which resulted in ABOVE picture. me and kisa in school clothes. she looks DAMN CUTE LUH. >3 we even had a little shoot with her handphone, photog was Chika and two other JCIG members. so my conclusion is that, JCIG might have a chance to turn, not to mention their Taiko drums lessons *drools* *coughs* ERM RIGHT. but some of the guys are a little....erm....too otaku-ish for my taste. where are the goodlookin j-rocker kind of guys??!!

so yea anyway. pictures will be up later when Kisa sends it to me. but now~~~ i would like you to enjoy somethingelse 8D


me and preshie hung out today again 8D

ITADAKIMASEEEE [if my damn romanji is even right PFFTTT]

Having dessert at crystal jade
puny glutinous riceballs

oh. dont try the 6.80 boil hashima with egg white thing...its a little too sweet even though it awesome for skin.


on to my little private life at home. I was like having SUPER sore feet after walking around whole day non-stop. and TADA. i had an idea. hot water therapy 8D

took out the bucket that i haven used to edges...the kind you use to soak feet in one. filled with the hottest water i can get out of my shower. and WALAO EHHHH DAMN SHUANG CAN?

i put my feet in and i was like WOOSHHHHH~~~ *faints* homg. the feelin of the awesomeness is undescrible. i was like. HOMG so good~~~ den i used a towel, soaked in hot water also and left it on my eyes, it was like +2 happiness. but downside is that, nao....i feel DAMN SLEEPY hahahaha but i should like get some spa stuff back to use man. stress reliver.~~~~

Downside. tmr skating i cant make it =.= darn it. mom says no.


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