because I are bitchey

this is hon's picture with a friend of his call Von. and no. i m not jealous X3 he still looks gorgeous.

i din really ask permission for this photo cos he are either sleeping/offline. but i thought maybe its okay since he posted it on his own blog
Azhrien hon>>> tell me if you dont want it here k?

First, of first.

Nut >>> thanks, hahaha. life sucks i know. i am better already.

i re-read my post and recalled that it clashes with something that happened
jinjin >>> i dont mean you in prev post k? and hahahah is it? i dint know...i still prefer the original yellow-coated gambit if i have a choice.

anyway~ on to the topic of the title X3 because i are feeling VEH bitchey so the whole world has the right to know what I kind of shit from this person, Raymond Yee.
Raymond >>> now you have the right to say that I am judging you because i blogged about you. HAPPY? I dont like being maligned and I can be very bitchy if i have to

people who want to know what he look like. yahoo image is your best friend. keywords are raymond Yee Cosplay.
starting from post #995

i did a harmless comment on ALL the crossdressers. including myself. let me tell you something. i recall posting something on how much lenghts i put myself through to look like a guy/bishonen/lookin good here >>
If i can go through the torture of bonding to make myself look flat and makeup, hair and stuff. I DONT SEE WHY THE OTHER CROSSDRESSERS CANNOT.

you might say for you easy think its fucking easy? you know how dangerous it is not being able to breath? I nearly cried out once cos i was super breatheless, dingo was with me that day. i had to run to the toilet and torch the fucking bandanges with dingo's lighter cos it was too tight to open and i had no scissors. Lawliet's banadages pinched her twice and she was hanging on and mumbling unintelligent stuff to the toilet, i was with her.

Crossing over to girl is not easy either. I remember the first time i saw bryan-love crossing. do you think heels are easy to walk in? okay, maybe for me luh. and and he had to keep retouching the makeup cos it was melting. if the three of us can take pains to make it look right, WHY CANT ALL OF YOU?! its not the three of us only. there are other awesome ones


read #995. cept for the comment directed at nanoha [my jiejie]
wtf is wrong with that guy?!

read on people. jus keep reading.


I remembered the first time we met, i was such a failure at cosplay. i did not do my hair properly cos i have no skeelz den *+1 to himu-mom for making a sucessful hairstylist nao* i sucked so badly. i din want to dye my hair so i sprayed with xuan helpin me, made such a fucking mess. my costume was bought off bright_zanya, i still buy but not everything already. i do some of the stuff myself. and we sort of took a picture together. that was our first encounter.

After that, we sort of SOMEHOW know of each others' existence and started talkin on MSN. by and by, i got irritated with him, because all he talks about is about what HE wants to cosplay. so fine, i listen. i hate to say this, but i seriously dont like average people cosplaying my fav me...he was either average or below average *shrugs* god made him this way, i cant blame. so i shut up. Events. You see, i dont fancy him that much. I think he lurks around so much that it scares me. and he does everytime without fail, so it was only appropriate that i stay out of his way, but no. he looks for me, stops me and stuff >.> i cant say no in his face right? i m darn nice.

I believe that I have improved ALOT over my years of cosplay, and him being a cosplayer whom i believed either started around my time or before me, HAVE NOT IMPROVED AT ALL. every fucking event, i see the same damn thing. he's improving, he's improving...FUCK NO HE ISNT. seriously. you dont even have a good eye of buying your cosplay wigs. you dont work for it. you jus buy it off and claim youself as cosplayin.

I am thin, but you know how much hardwork i put into my cosplay? I exercise and slim down and keep myself lean because i know that my plans are all thin slender bishonens. I EVEN TRIED TO SLIM DOWN MY LEGS cos i think i have fucking thick thighs not suited for their nice slender legs. At least I try to look good through hardwork and I can even stay up for hours to make my wig looks right. I bet he jus buys them and den sleep well before an event. My spectaculations cos it looks like it to me. YOU DONT EVEN LOOK LIKE YOU MAKE AN EFFORT TO IMPROVE. prove me wrong, tell me what you have done other den sourcing for reliable supplies.

OH PLEASE. if you ever see this dont tag in my tagboard. i believe that if you have really worked for your cosplay you would have a LONG LONG list, because i do have one. write it somewhere, link me, upload it and link me the file. I WOULD BE GLAD TO READ IT THROUGH AND CHANGE MY MINDSET if you could even come up with a respectable list for me in the first place. you might also say what is it that i owe you that i should actually write a list for you. GUESS WHAT. this is your chance to clear up whatever shit impression you gave me and stfu me. you might also say you dont care about your impression bout me, guess what. WRONG AGAIN. you have no idea how many people reads this, actually I have non too, but I believe my words are enough to make an impression since i hardly blog shit.

lastly i would like to put in a post of bryan darling's
: Cause I believe that Sochii is impartial to all cosplayers and I respect her nice she is.

I AM impartial to all cosplayers. i dont give a fuck whether you cosfuck or not[cos i do sometimes], i jus comment and there. i even comment about good cosplayers if i feel that there is something wrong. SURE I BITCH ABOUT LOUSY ONES BEHIND THEIR BACK, but i've never really told them you suck right in their faces.

Ask around. I might be fierce and bitchy, but i have heard enough thanks for my help in several stuff to last me through a whole lifetime. I believe I have been nice to people.
To all the peeps reading this: you are free to comment on what you think bout me and raymond yee's improvement in cosplays, you can even back him up and say i suck *shrugs*. NO SLAMMING OF RAYMOND, if nt he might say that I am deterring/cyber-bullying him again, such a loser.
Just about what YOU think and anything you want to say about this dude or my cosplay even. Dont think that no one slammed my cosplays before. kent came up to me a few days ago and told me, he think that my cosplay of mukuro wasnt that good. i took it, but of course i was slightly bitter since i worked so hard for it that i thought it was my best.



gee. i've never typed so much for so long....

i miss Azhrien-hon ;A;
yea yea whatever, shutup people, i m obsessed with him can?
Azhrien >> HURHUR I ARE OBSESSED. lawls. sounds scary *gets bricked to death by Azhrien*


actually i suddenly miss ciel and yuuto too ;A; i wanted to bring them out but i thought i was going to have another stupid nature walk. GAH.

i wanna go home....;A; *gotta go buy contact lens and go take nice pictures for passport WAHAHAHAHAH finally~


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