A few changes to ...

me and gokuke at yuki's bdae parteh.

Anyway before i go on. Just to inform you guys. i've changed some sequence to the link list. it goes by the frequency of my reading. if you are after Adrian, i probably don read your blog, cos either 1. your blog is boring, 2. you dont update, 3.your blog is dead.

The top of the list is obviously the blog i click the most [cept for yuuto. cos he gets my most love.] and no doubt, Azhrien has his place there. anyone after him, is cos you update often, the ones at the bottom is obvious cos you dont update often.

so there. saves me time cos i know who blogs and who doesnt XD


k anyway~ yesterday was yuki's bdae parteh...
so early morning, i woke up...sms lawliet...and....WENT BACK TO SLEEP LOL!!!
nvm. after that i woke up...smsed cow-kia...and....WENT BACK TO SLEEP AGAIN!
by the time i woke up again, it was late =.= did makeup, slap on a wig and went off in a cab =w=llll

but anyway~ the parteh was fun. and we had a LONGGGGGG chain of uke...well...i did. since i m the ultimate seme 8D
so it probably goes like...

[ULTIMATE SEME]me > lawliet > yuki > joyce > deathbymuggin [SUPAR CUTE UKE]

so yea. i had this ONLY MINE seat. and i order people off the chair esp the few like lawls and yuki when they take my seat =.= but when it comes to deathbymuggin..it went something like that: i was like... =A=....er....*stare*
deathbymugging: we can share X3
me: OTLlll okay.

HAHAHAHAHAHHA see why she is the super cute uke i lost to?! she is too cute for nuts.

and hahahh how yuki became under lawliet was cos she was too uke-ish for her own good. i beckoned to her when i was in that seat and she came over and went huh?*tilts heads//uke eyes* and me and lawliet started laughin and she was like WHUT I DO???? and it happened for the second time when she was all over lawliet and den....realisation sinks in when me and lawliet laugh again. she was like NOOOO!!!! *goes corner and pokes fingers together* and thats how she lost to lawliet LOL!!! and partially cause lawliet looks alot more seme-ish when she had the tall boots on~

ANYWAY. enough of the seme-uke thing. too bad we forget to call jon cos the john[is it this?] was no fun cept that he was annoyed with me callin his name. i can help it since i like calling zereall's name XD

lawls, me and yuki

John and lawls in teh playground LOL!!! he tried to hide AFTER i took the shot. lawls.

i can hash chio long hair that day

and after that was dinner with shawn ah gong and neoprints. lawls. i promised not to say much. if not i m probably gonna get a hurt real bad XD


ON TO TEH NEXT ISSUE~~~ teh Suppa clan hash given me triplets X3/
hahahahahh ROFLS. sounds wrong i know.

here is the youngest of my triplets, a little kitty X3


here is my little jaguar boy~


and finally my little rowdy tempered panther, the oldest of the triplets


I am a happy dad ~ now i have 5 boys~~<3


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