I m totally so darn drained that i have no strenght to upload pictures at all=.=lll *dronesssss* so i decided to snitched Azhrien-hon's one to cover up first XD WAHAHAHAHAHA

Azhrien-hon >>> i promise you one nice photo X3 you will like is alot~~~ HURHURHUR~~~

anyway . the shoot today wasnt bad except that we din expect that the church wasnt free. one thing which i was angry is that the church pastor commented that my misa misa is dressed like a prostitute. because i am not christian... YOU FUCKING BRAINLESS NUTLESS BALLESS TWIT. faggot probably. prostitutes DO NOT dress like that. go to geylang and fucking walking one round for yourself. pfftt. so because we are us, we dont like keepin promises to idiots. we did not donate and we pranced around the inner church when he left. pui.

anyway. after we finished the shoot at the church, we were on our roll of stuff again. Atsuki > pasta mania > neoprint > taiko no tatsujin~~~
and finally the three epic masters and main characters of the shoot cabbed home together was fun to see L spasm in the tazi as he tried to remove his bonds XD *gets wacked by lawliet*

anyway. erm. thanks to photographers [swiftwing, timberwolf,alice
and alice's dad ROFL]
and to our warriors [cero, tokby , stickyfingers shino and m.yukino]
and lastly...special thanks to our godlike awesome saikang warrior, the ancestor of all warriors, JON~ 8D hahahha love you.

i need sleep =.= *floats to bed*


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