Picture by cyth as my current wall, and marks all over cos i are wants joo to know that rights belongs to cythie and me and you can no hash it and only i can hash and cyth hash 8D *ish so darn anal* this picture is so full of smex XD

i know i had something to blog about but i forgot. darn it....hmm... OH WAIT I REMEMBER?

gaiz who joined me at teh awesome taiko during the shoot. remember how me and lawliet got owned at the very last song? I PASSED IT JUST NOW. lawliet and i went for dinner and went for daiko XD

oh anyway. Cythie finished mah picture 8D but i are still waiting for Azh-hon's one. yesh azh-hon, cythie finishin the picture doesnt mean that you can wriggle out of your pwomise XD

ugh. fyp is so screwed up can =.= i dont wanna go school any mawr T^T

i shall go and finish up some funny stuff nao for my mom >.>lll she is addicted to Restaurant city btw. anyone who sees Toh Poh Kian adding you? thats probably my mom =.= she adds people from MY list of friends. jus add her guys if you play restaurant city on FB too....her email is kyrinnosekai@hotmail.com [i created it cos she said she wants a cooooool name. wth. lol]

OH YAR! and i have a goal currently. my goal is to save enough money to ship Azhrien and Cyth over for our last EOY cos event in Singapore and ship them back again. JUST IRON YOUR KS COSTUMES AND WAIT FOR ME GUYS!!! I WILL WORK LIKE CRAZY FOR YOU GUYS HERE~~~~


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