Happinessu MAXED OUT 8D


hahahaha you can click on it for the original version. hahahahah the borders were PINK and his name was printed in ORANGE[his most hated color]

He was interviewed. but ROFL. I cant believe he gave up to the media about the pet name i gave him. Azhy. HAHAHAHA *rofl* but its cute and ghey and VERY suitable for him. X3

here is what is on the other page >w<

Hobbies: doing digital and/or traditional arts, dating, shopping, writing stories, school works and procrastinating, serving my master << WHUT?? , roadtripping, uwian-ing, swordplaying, singing, gay-talking, surfing with Azhus, growing out a goatee, drinking milk and boy-scouting.

First Cosplay: BLOOD+ - Carl FeiOng (Costume was first worn in Victorian Valentine 08, but officially cosplayed as Carl in ToyCon 08 Day1)

Interests: my banana-chan, my beloved ,yaoi, photoshoots, stained beauty, law of duality, nocturnal life, technology, gigs, epic, music, kamotes, real eyeballs, broken glasses, tsundere, crying semes, bara ukes, psychology, dinosaurs, make-ups, contact lenses, harajuku fashion, eggs and androgyny.


sochii_yuuto: oh noes ;A; joo has no interest in me
Lord Banana: 'my beloved'
sochii_yuuto: *gets bricked*
sochii_yuuto: HOMG
sochii_yuuto: ITS ME?
sochii_yuuto: 8D?
sochii_yuuto: IT ISHHHH?
Lord Banana: ok you be banana-chan
sochii_yuuto: HOMGGGGGGG this is....HOMGGGGGGG *rolls around happily*
sochii_yuuto: i can has di....sleep peacefully nao 8D
sochii_yuuto: homg when you point that out. i feel so blind =A= i wanted to jus disturb you bout it, but joo are well prepared =A=

I ARE OWNEDDDDDDDDDDD ;A; Azh was prepared for me!!! HOMGGGGGGG
This is why I love Azhy-hon so much....come to think of it. itried to disturbed/tease him twice this month, but he was well prepared and i got owned. ;A: homg...another way roundddddddd

HAHAHA edit: hahaha okai. darn eet. it isnt me XD its for his OTHER WIVES hahahaha XD i are ONE AND ONLEH HUSBAND *nods*

OH btw. singapore readers. joo can hash now has free samples 8D
clicky on the freebies link and go signup XD you can has 6 points upon sign up to redeem samples of brands, which you only need to pay postage fees X3

after that you can either throw away the acct or do more stuff to get more points for redemntion XD cos it doesnt really need you to pay through your nose for such good stuff, so i thought i'd share... *just ordered three samples* X3


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