LOL. impromptu much >.>llll

yes people >.>lll. ANOTHER impromptu. but this time is not with the usual people....this time is >.>lll something like standing in for others =A=

I am standing in for golden-feline this sat >.>;;; and...i m doing yuki souhma....hahahah i always wanted to do yuki after i did ayame...but not really LIKE THAT. so yea >.>lll

it will be all heavyweight cosplayers group =A= damn sian can...*refers to list* there will be Maria, Peggy, Jesuke ;A;, luna en grey, decadence, cageddiced, Vic, Deo. see...all the heavy weight one =.= i feel insignificant. lol. *stress*

now i have no heart to blog about my pasta cooking yesterday =A= mayb i'll blog about it later or tmr.....HAHAHAH and oh. DEO DIN REALISE HE WAS COSING THIS SAT UNTIL LAST NIGHT!!!!! i was like, longwinded buddy, i m seeing you on sat. and he was like WHUT? THERE IS A SHOOT ON SAT? SINCE WHEN?
den i reminded him and told him i saw his name, den he was like OH YAR ;A;

hahahaha funny. he din reply last night after he asked me how much are my wig. i think maybe he panicked to sleep or something LOL!!!

lol...i love you vic, thats why i m doing it. =3=/~<3


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