Lookin for....

hahahah CUTE RIGHT? these are free lens boxes from kosmos >w<>.>lll

but anyway...lol...i was gonna ask for saikang warriors. but den again. DAMN BAD RIGHT? i know >.> super bad sia....

but...but....if anyone interested in saikanging and following me for the entire event. sms me before 10am please 8D hahahah *fat hope* but whatever. lookin for a FREE and committin saikang warrior. lol. to help cary bag. cos the usual god-like warrior has to work OTL and mukuku will look weird carrying a bag. so if no one smses me......i'll....jus think of a way NOT to carry a bag 8D


anyway. honestly speaking. i m rather nervous of struting out as mukuro to the whole cosplay scene for the first time tmr. cos of the eye. yes. the eye. not 100% but the colour is ther. but. I AM STILL VERY NERVOUS. cos i m not the best cosplay of mukuro to be proud of. SHIT. my grammar OTL

gee...OTLlll nervous *fidgets*
must....not smile tmr. LOL! stupid way of approachin. lol. OTL ARGH!!!! I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

*sinks on to the floor dramatically and sighs*
i think i should go to cythie's quiz to calm me down...
wish you were here jon T^T


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