SF 09


Fav photo~~~~ love the effect. i look like i am wearin those full lens

anyhow~~~~ long list of people to thank. reason why i blogged so late.
1. woke up at 3+pm
2. went to eat and read manga at KFC
3. went to executive cafe with parents.
4. editing pictures.

ANYHOW~~~~~ here are my thanks. i cant really thank everyone cos i have bad memories. so i'll thank them by my memory line. LOL

first up. the ones who accompany me all the way~

Lawliet > hahah thanks for teh awesome prop. and i'll be MAXIMISING the use of it by doing more mukuro and chrome FUFUFU~~~

Tokby > for being a good boy 8D ahahaha KIDDIN. for helpin me carry mah stuff wen i need joo to

alice and yukino >>> for the drinks and the help and teh CHIONESS

Kaze >>> for the instant photo. DAMN SHUANG MANNNNNNN this is the first time i recieve instant for an event. so cool >w<

Shinn>> for my lunch, a bar of hichew strawberry sweets >w< even though it was some random event that he gave me virtual sweets and i demanded real ones BWAHAHAHAHA

eda>> hahaha thanks hearts for teh kopin of drink

Alvinz >>> for teh awesum photo and teh awesum kopin of drink

reborn and lambo coser >>> for being captured by us 8D

all photogs for the awesum photos

peggy >>>for teh kiss i demanded LOL!!!! hahaha actually it was a joke. i was like WHY NO KISSU? den got muacked lol

kyon >>> for giving me one game of taiko and owning me horribly. PUI PUI PUI. lol

and all those who took picture with me luh.

more pictures 8D

with violet dajie

with reiyu [long time no see ;A;]

with kuku

with clone

with tokby

with yukino

with alice

hahaha and at pasta mania we have what teh BONGOLA family should drink.

gokudera [half italian] with his GREEN bongola drink

yamamoto with his 8D;;; bongola drink

mukuro can has red 8D

more photo contributions by photogs.

with ferlyn



Sai. tmr got school....pui pui pui


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