hahahahah dont ask me how much milk I have in my house. we are like topping up and drinking it all up every single week. >.>

Anyway. everyone, I wanted to tell you guys something very important about the fruitbasket shoot k?
PLEASE DO NOT LEAK ANYTHING ON TO THE THREAD unless it is already mention. i repeat. PLEASE DO NOT LEAK ANYTHING ON THE THREAD. similiarly. DO NOT TELL YOUR FRIENDS ANYTHING if they dont know about my blog =.= why spoil the surprise for them.

thread being this one:

You guys are privilage to know who were involved in the cosplay but i do not appreciate it if anyone of you spoil the surprise. it is NOT NICE. would you like it if you planned a surprise for someone and another person comes along and decided to spoil it jus because when you tell that person cos you wish for him or her to share your joy? no right? NOT NICE i tell you. so please dont.

anyway. i was going to post pictures. but i think you guys will have to wait. because its a surprise from me to you guys ^^/
There was an unexpected change to the original crew though X3

Anyhow.... on to the my thanks to the shoot.
my thoughts are in a whirl so yea. bear with it

All the photogs were AWESOMEEEE X3 love you guys so much man. hahahahha lenne love you lots cos you took such pretty shots of me, even though i look so unglam LOL!!!

OH and golden-feline X3 thank you so much for loaning your costume. Its a pity you cant make it, but you gave me a chance to do yuki >3<>
Jesuke, for trimming the wig on spot XD
yuannie, for being so stress shootin is awesome X3
Vic for inviting me.
Deo's dad for driving~
OMG AND THE SHIGURE COSER FOR THE TIE. HOMG HOMG. THANKS SO MUCH. even though it was part of shigure's costume, he sacrificed his accuracy for mine ;A;
sakurazaki for doing that stupid video with me~ hahahah joo are so cute, and homg. did you get bruised when you fall? *was rathered worried*
OH and luna ;A; homg ARE JOO BRUISED IN THE ELBOW? I am still worried. cos connecting with my legs and the heel on my shoe esp is NO JOKE *broke a ramune bottle with them before XD*
and hahhaah peggy for feedin me with so much poky[snack] <<<>

till got unmentions people like yumi, sai, yukihoshi,esu,saku, hatori coser,teh monkey coser ETC ETC LUH. thank you all for makin this shoot so enjoyable for me though i din manage to take picture with EVERYONE >.>lll *is happily staring at the full team photo*

Deo >>> hahahaha no need to worry. though we were suppose to meet at 8.30 but you only woke up at 8.30~ i will still try not to kill you 8D HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAH

one picture of his before changin and trimmin of wig 8D

This was a really fun shoot, all and all. i love you guys.


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