Some stuff.

First of all...i m a little annoyed because of my hair. its probably dying but what the heck cos i wan my plantinum.

it got bleached twice. Luci mixed wrongly, so the dye din get through and spoiled my hair instead =w=lll and my brother din put enough. gee. so i m going to redo it later...

I KNOW I KNOW. all of you are gonna tell me DONT DO IT, you will kill you hair blah blah blah blah.. no. i m not going to listen shit =.= i want my plantinum hair. I cant wait to get home and do it >w< /

and..honestly. i hate my class today =.= the facilitator is tryin to turn me into a vegan. fuck that. lol. i are meat eaterzzzz OMNOMNOMNOM 8D

oh. and on a side note. i still think that ugly people should jus burn themselves away if they cant even make an effort to look pretty. OR EVEN WORSE, those who use makeup to look ugly[not aplying to special effects makeup] jus die. you scar my eyes. *what a selfish post*

anyhow...there's this stupid woman who cant stop staring at me on the MRT...really annoys me. i dont know if she day dreamin or whut, but stop lookin in MY direction cos i m paranoid =.= honestly. den again. MUZ BE THE AH BENG GOLDEN BLOND COLOUR. shit. i really wanna go home and redo my hair NAO.



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