Some things are meant to be untold...

i've been rather lazy to blog...well...AND busy too =.=;;;

been praticing mah himegaryu hair skills on Alice. and modelled during mascot parade

the video for mascot parade.

I am too lazy to post for the pictures first. other people did tag me in facebook though.


special thanks to...

mom >> who did mah hair hahaha 8D what would i do without joo and your awesum skeelz

alice >> for trusting me.

lawliet >> for loan of place to crash out [as usual 8D]

Unclepunk and aunty kat >> love you guys. its still enjoyable being a model.

Jon >> for being there. miss you~~ hahaha see you tmr too 8D

Shinn >> AGAIN 8D hahah for the sweets AGAINNNN hahahah <3>> for the pickatures. ^^

and sorry to anyone who got the short end of the stick from me on that day. I dont meant to be dao. i jus dont have enough sleep cos i was up curling lawliet's [yes that bimbo] wig till 1am/2am. Its MY wig btw....I dont mean to be dao. hahahaha XD


and I still love you so...
but what is it without you knowing...


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