Teh realizations~


HAHAHHAHA YESH~ shocku people!!!

okay maybe not to you >.> but TO ME YESH! my boys can go both ways 8D
hahahahah i remember how me and nut spetaculated about the boys growin in my house. she was like WHAT DID YOU FEED THEM?! hahahaha alot of people ask me that XD lets see....carbondioxide, oxygen water vapour and other weird gases. LOL!!! kidding.

but anyhow. their last measurement.

Yuuto went from 45 > 44
Ciel went from 42 > 44

go figure.

but anyway. ciel's growth has put a disadvantage to yuuto's seme life. LOL~~

I am goin to post a short story over at yuuto's blog later so you can go see if you want and you can refuse to see if you dont like dolls OR boylove.

anyhows~~~~~~tmr's the shoot @_@ still kinda stressed out. and my brother is on his way back with a can of spray for deo's wig. the colour is lookin awesome. will post pictures of process when I am completely done....or maybe after the shoot =.=;;;

but anyway, homg. i got the hell of a scare of my life yesterday.

You see, these few days the only people who called me on my phone is my brother[cos he is like all weird and needs to go out with his girlfriend] and deo[because i m doing his wig and stuff]. SO~~~ yesterday presh asked me about tonight and i was like...uh...hang on. and den, MY PHONE RANG. you see, since these are the only people who called me and i dont have caller id, YES I DONT HAVE CALLER ID, i thought it was Deo who came to check up on the wig since my brother is at home, but no. lol.

I got the scare of my life. you see, AGAIN, my life these few days is pretty walled up and quiet. No one shouted at me for very long and i havent heard loud noises for very long. NOPE, not even when deo or jasper called me. so right. i picked up the phone and huijin went HELLO?! CANNOT WAIT ALREADY! NEED TO CONFIRM NAO!!!!!111

i went from =w=~~~<3 wth ="w=";;;;">.> will let yuuto post his and ciel's picture later.


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