Things that throws you off


anyhow, i was planning to blog bout Lawliet's epic week. but den again. forget it. so i am plannin to blog about something i saw today and something i experienced a few weeks ago which i wanted to bitch about to Kani.

i wont mention names though....

Anyway. I saw something which makes me wonder. that one time. that one time i was serious about someone. like really serious. does that person still remember? does that person still feel the same. I thought about it sometimes, other times. like an engraved memory. I dont want to push my luck, i might not be that person anymore. it annoys me ALOT to that maybe something that is keeping me. I dont know though. it might not be the same anymore. maybe time really drove a wedge between us.

second incident. the one i wanted to bitch with kani about. she and bry love might know who it is. that dip dup annoyance of minez.

SERIOUSLY. the tricks you play jus because I cant see you are OVERRATED. like. do you think I will seriously take what you said word for word? we haven even been in contact. you only talk to me as and when you like. do you really think i regard you as anything anymore after how you treated me? I am not your bitch and probably never will be.

those tricks which you've pulled? I've pulled on many people. I have trust issues, like serious trust issues. do you really think i'll believe in the shit you tell me online? i dont. i just screw around like i always have ever since 1 year ago or was it 2? i dont remember. everytime we talk. you jus annoy the shit out of me, because you arent sincere AT ALL.


Anyhow~~~ my room is like loaded with wigs. ugh. =.= i really need big house if i move out.
*back to step up2...dont judge my taste of movies*


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