even though i m still slightly hissy over Aoi removing his lipring. but ah well =3=/ he is still sexy. lol HAHAHAHA

Anyhow~~~I FAILED FTT. with enqi. HAHAHHAHA!!! so cute right?
hahahah we are rescheduled for round 2 nex month OTL hahahahaha

so after FTT i went out to dinner with shinn. hahahaha cos he live nearby. den alot of crap again luh. lol. idk how many restaurants we went to eat at though..we were like, eat here, dessert another place, den go another drink tea. LOL!!! damn epic.

I HAVE STEPPED INTO CURE~ @the courtesy of mr Shinn. hahahahaha.

INTIMIDATING SIA. all the japanese cosplayers @_@
esp Aoi one...sia.

ANYHOWWWWW these are my fav Aoi pictures. I cant really say cosplayers cos i think only a few angles bear the most similiarity to my Aoi-darling ~<3

So cept for Shinn[who is local and guy], the rest are all female and JAPANESE. rofl.
My fav Aoi cosplayers are probably Shiba[female] and Shinn[male].

Shiba <3

Shinn <3<3




hahahaha Shiba and R probably motivates me the most to do a proper Aoi ;A;
Hope i look like Aoi-sama OTLlll

my costume is coming along not bad 8D but i realise that shoppin trip, i forgot to buy some stuff....HAHAHAH MORE SHOPPIN DEN 8D since chiru chiongin with me anyway~<3

and the real Aoi to end this lovely post <3


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