Probably screwed...

dammit. i m probably screwed. deadline is coming soon and i haven fucking wrote my report for my FYP =.=;;; i m expecting a FAIL big big on my report mom and dad are probably gonna skin me alive. but ah well. *rolls*

Isnt my Aoi-sama cute? he's mine though 8D wahahahaha


I am like...addicted to looking through Cure and i found the other members and another Aoi-lookalike....jus that...i still prefer shiiba as the top girl Aoi coser.

here is the new ones 8D and btw, i have gone through the whole of cure's gazette cosplay already. these are the final additions. There will be no more unless there are more cosers doing them...probably not though. cos the newest photos submission of gazettE is by Shinn. he's the mark. lol

All girls once again.

Tokiru ~ as Aoi-sama


Sozukiyura as Uru-pon [she is also good at doing ruki @_@ but i left her as candidate for uruha]


Mo as Haruki's laogong, Ruki


mika kuu as reita


aoiren as Kai [THE ONLY PASSED KAI. but SADLY other den this photo, the other photos DO NOT LOOK LIKE KAI. *sobs*]

well. thats all for now, while i go mull over my damned report. probably so damned that i m damned. ah well.


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