.: quick update :.

trying out Kani's "kera" version of Sheryl Nome's wig for her to see. sorry kani ;A; i din know she will screw up....i should have gotten from another seller.....zzzzz

Anyhow...these few days, my money goes to my small little cosplay projects and stuff =A=

Goin on a diet OTL teh fats are not going away ;A;

my teacher is going to play TaBoo later. wthhhhhh this is funny =.=;;;


anyhow...i expect this two weeks to be chiong costume and wigs time @_@;;; JIAYOU SOCHII!!!! hahahahaha

a quick look at my usual song list for this week.

yappari megumi ga suki - miyavi
selfish love
guren - gazette
nausea and shudder
silly god disco

probably the only few songs i listen to now..on REPLAY. hahaha XD


petra aka Kira[on my side link] pm-ed me after i made my blog post.

saying that she often reads my blog. hahaha HOMG SO TOUCHED CAN? someone that I do not know at all and NOT LOCAL reads my blog. [cept for azh-hon and cythie luh] i m like /0/ *motivates up* and of course my lawliet twinneh and brother Kaii.

edit : thanks cythie and wolfie tooo~~~ <3 *hugs*

hahah cyth : joo are nowhere near a stalker LOL!!!

OH. and Kaii went to play the Aoi's part for baretta. hahaha and uploaded. i lost the link, but its an amaeture rendition anyway, he muz improve and den upload again BWAHAHAHAHAHH. den i showed shinn, and he was something like. eh. LISTEN TO ME PLAY. hahahaha. but you must admit. shinn is more experienced HAHAHAHAH XD

kaii bro >> jiayou /0/


okay. back to my little project, den go fyp meetin, to JP to pick up wig and home to sew WAHAHAHAHA /0/


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