.:Yappari Megumi Ga Suki:.

If only Aoi hubby would sing this song to me ;A; *swoons~~~<3*
ah well.
currently i m yawning my head off and stuck in school. blah.

ANYHOW. my costume is makin good progress. i should go home and finish the pantsu today. been watching too much of Gackt's funny videos. how can a serious guy be so funny?! i dont know =.=llll

anyway. went out with shinn ytd again. hahahahah when two bored people get together, there is so much random stuff we can do...oh. wait. make it. TWO BORED PEOPLE WHO ARE ROAD/DIRECTION-IDIOTS 8D so much fun. lol ok so like. apparently this time. I WAS LATE. but look at it this way. we are meetin in ORCHARD. he was late when he went to jurong. so its okay right? wahahahahahaha. ok. i was late for 30mins. so i was going to shinn at the MRT station and den this cheena woman suddenly jumped infront of me, and i was like FUCK? and she was like PLEASE DONT BE SCARED 8D *hands namecard*

me:... *read namecard* i-model. h
er: *beams* 8D pls leave your name and number, we will contact you.
me: *thinks: how can she see i m good lookin or not?! lol* note: i was wearin red sunglasses with hair covering half of my face
her: please 8D?
me: ... *switch to gackt mode* mmm.
her: name?
me: sochii. * i really gave sochii btw*
her: number?
me: ...
her: 8D
me: *number*
her: we will call you 8D
me: please dont.
her: 8D lawls.

cheena. den i met up with shinn, who got approach by ANOTHER cheena lady before i reached LOL!!!! XD So we went to Ion first. ran around aimlessly. really run..okay luh more of brisk walk. lol. we are jus too upbeat to stroll. lol. if you see the way we shop, you would probably get pissed. cos we jus zip in and out of shops and run around everywhere XD We also went to orchardcentral? i think? the one with 11 stories and not finish yet. hahahah damn cool. there is rock climbing wall inside and there is this woman who extends from 1st floor to 4th floor. mind you. the 1st - 4th is WTH. the ceilings are so tall that it looks like probably 6th stories. and there is this place call ANGEL'S CLOSET. hahaha i made a joke and went, HOMG LAWLIET, YOUR CLOSET SO HUGE SIA. den shinn was like LAWLIET YOU OPEN SHOP NEH TELL US. so we a couple of crazy ppl laughin outside the shop. inside was nice, but i LOVE the stairs. hahahaha. i was like. eh. let go up those stairs.

the stairs were display for mannequins. den shinn was like: eh. no luh. cannot go up de luh. don anyhow. later ppl catch us.
obviously i saw someone from the top lookin down, so i was like. HAIYUR. *walks up*
and den he was like OIOIOI *follow*
when we reach the top i was like SEE 8D
shinn =.=;;;

the shoppin centre was prettier den ViVo and every floor was a diff scene. on top of that. DAMN TALL INSIDE PLEASE. it doesnt even look that tall on the outside. we were like HO SHIT in the lift. i think jon would probably die inside XD

anyhowwwwww we walked ALL THE WAY from Ion/Wisma to plaza sing =.= too bored much. hahahahah and in between was alot and alot and alot of hyper shit. XD
went to plaza sing and shopped in cold storage i think? bought milk. and i nearly choked on mine. cos i was like. eh. one shot. den he was giving that lanlan feel like dont want. den jus before i finished, he shot his down in one shot and i choked cos it was so funny. idk why, its jus funny XD

After that was desert at waraku AT MARINA SQUARE. hahahaha we travelled so much luh. from 2.30pm onwards at Ion. lol. den we went to ESPLANADE, god knows why we are there. so we were jus there randoming and we keep on seeing a bunch of teens jumpin and taking photos. you know. like those midair photos. and i was like....they not tired i see liao also tired. den shinn went: hmmm. my legs are tired. LOL!!!

and i totally saw someone who look like vogue_ace. lol. but on closer look. nah. lol.
oh oh. i totally got high cos too much sugar 8D fruit pudding + strawberry milkshake+ creme brule. i think i went totally nuts and was running around, and shinn had to run after me 8D HAHAHA like so damn fun can. den he was like I DIN KNOW SUGAR CAN MAKE PPL DRUNK.

and i was like EGOISTIC kuna kono yoru ni cheers! [hahaha one of the sentences from Selfish Love] den we went to get donuts for my parents and den head home XD


anyhow. lyrics of Yappari Megumi Ga Suki

I love you
I'll always love you
Now can honestly say it
I love you

right where you are,
I wonder if I'm being sly for gettin your attention
ah, before I know it, I'm always saying something selfish

watching anime
walkin through Akiba
going home in the morning

... sorry.

I love you
i'll always love you
now i can honestly say it
i love you

I want to protect you
i'll never leave you
now i can honestly say
I love you
I'll always love you
I love you



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