.: more upz and upz 8D :.

i'll never get tired of flipping through my husband's photos EVERYDAY <3 hahahahaha

ANYHOW~~~~ i went out with my mom on a chinatown shoppin trip jus last wk /0/ it be awesum 8D we went to get a few stuff...like hair straightener cream, cloth for my kaito scarf, MUFFINS wtf and etc etc. it was horrendous =.= we got more den 15 muffins *feels like throwin up* whutever anyway. on to the pictures~~~

hahaha even though its pinky, i still kinda like it

and my mom...being very...mom. HAHAHA


and her facebookin while i do all the work of straightenin her hair


no matter what. i still love her. hahahaha.


and den there was the single celebration of my birthday from ah gong...sorry i was late for more den one hr ;A; hahahaha.

but yea.

here's ah gong at marina barracks ROFL

and ninja ahgong at dinner
we went TCC cos the diner he wanted to bring me to closed down HAHAHA


we went for desserts at some chocolatier which i cant remember though. BUT IT BE AWESOME~ i fall in love with chamomile tea all over again <3>makeup chui and everything Photobucket


dammit man. my skin was seriously bad that day

and~~~~ OLD MAN GOT ME SEBASTIAN NEROIDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD. ah gong you old softie~~~*gives a punch* hahahaha

thats all for this post 8D

cannot resist facebook~~~ *runs* lol!!!! i need cold water *runs to fridge* i think i froze up my bottle ;A; AGAIN. wtf.


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