job againz /0/

W000000000000 hahahahah recent dork bowing.
my location now is at crystal jade where precious is torturing some rice. LOL

anyway. today job be so boring that i almost fell alseep, but also partially due to the fact that it was early and i din really sleep well.

well not that there is anything much to say since i solved it during lunch tiemz jus now. but i really wanted to blog bout how i felt this mornin.

*mango pudding is good *

anyway. here goes.

honestly. yesterday, something which i least expected the most hit me. hard. threw me off balance.
really. from what was allowed and the mutual understanding, i thought it would be alright. but i was wrong. too confident. too confident of myself that everything would be accepted and listen upon saying it.
tears jus fell endlessly when i got offline. couldnt sleep. probably wetted the whole damn pillow *lucky it was not mine /0/ * made me rethink my choices time and time again. dont really know what to say.
woke up with swollen eyes and sore shoulders this morning. no mood to go work.
practically look like crap, so i dumped on quite alot of makeup. jus to make myself look normal.lies.
dont know when its going to happen again. i still feel drain. gotta try and sleep early today. nightmares. hate them.whatever. fuck.

/0/ forget it, i m going back to the nice korean food presh jus scooped for me /0/


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