Visual Shoot


anyhow. today DAMN CHUI PLEASE

special thanks to~~~

Tenma, who came down on time to be our photog /0/
Usagi, who flew down to shoot us
Mika-imouto, who agreed to shoot with us last minute

HAHAHAA. i think its really a curse. everytime, we will be late for shoots. hahaha /0/
ah well.

Anyway. damn tiring today.
we have quite a number of photos and three videos. hahaha will upload the videos SOON XD

mika's change was the most epic one. one min she was this normal lookin girl.... den she was hushed into the toilet by two weirdos, and about 40mins later, she came out as one of them 8D HAHAHA.
one of my fastest transformation of a person EVER. from hair to clothes to heavy make. how heavy? you'll see when the pictures are out XD

but anyway. dont think i'll ever be shootin in rochest again =.=
chikuru had 9 bites, and my darling mika-chan have 16 =.= GAWD. i never count mine, but i feel rashes comin up. the atmosphere isnt bad. but gawd..i felt like dying. hahahahaha

Chiru >>> next time. OSHARE VISUAL. we can hash shoot at cheery places. LOL. /0/ tenten style~
after the shoot damn chui. felt like dying along de way =.=;;;;


stay tune /0/


shall go sleep nao /0/


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