3rd day

hubby @ live <3 too darn cute.

anyways. today is the third day of my solitude =.=lll
dont ask me why. i m not in PURE solitude anyway.

i was so bored that for the first time after 3 months. i turned on my damn wii.
and i nearly fell asleep playing it cos i was so darned pissed that i couldnt get full combo for one song, so i kept trying and trying and trying till i decided its too boring. LOL

i think i m going to on my ps2 later tonight. for the first time in probably 8months. LOL!!!

besides. i've gotten so bored that i made it a point to be infront of the tv every day at 7pm to catch danny phantom and ben10. lol. ionno. they are nice shows. HAHAHA DONT JUDGE ME. i can watch reruns of spongebob without gettin sick of the stupid humor. HAHAHAHHA /0/

got UT later on. so dont wanna step out of my house cos i can hash aircon...zzzzz

probably go Wii a little nao or somethang. HAHAHAHA /0/


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