there is so many things to say but i m tired. but i shall start with thanks first.

Firstly and most majorly, I wanna thank both my partners for day1 and day2 respectively.

Day1 mika-imouto AKA my haru-chan~<3 Thank you so much for this fun day and the extra baito for a free ticket in. If not i would have never been able to see my friends who are working inside. And also much love for the katana that you bought for me as an early christmas present. It is one of my prized possessions now <3

Day2 lawliet-twinneh aka my Miku-chan~<3
I LOVE YOU TWINNEH~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<3<3<3 WE CAN HASH SUPER EPIC COSPLAY~~~~~
thank you so much for making my costume and cosin with me come to think of it, you are probably the one who inspired me to do more then 2 cosplay a year. you made me who i m today, and i had fun~~~ lets always do okai 8D?


I would also like to thank all the photogs who will pass me my photos [day1: Ouran high Suou Tamaki, day2 Black Rock Shooter Kaito ] and all the helpers for the day. And also naoya and gang for keeping the spirit up even after we are all almost dead XD


probably chui tmr. but i'll try to post up photos by nex tue latest =.=;;;;

*goes sleep*


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