fail is fail.

reita needs some lurve on mah blog <3 hurhur~~~

ANYWAY. ytd was quite fail @_@;;;
it was raining ever since i got to the location.
to top it off, lightin was so bad. so roughly around 6.30 i could really see what i was doing clearly already.
i hope the shots come out nice ;A; *guilt-ridden* cos i thought it be fine if i do slowly since it was still raining and we cant shoot...but aiyah. diao. in the end the rain only let up at 7 plus. no light already. lol. had to use streetlights.

den again. its TF. so yea /0/ nothing lost in this.
After that i recieved a very surprising call. hahahaha. so happy when i realised who called <3 but i shaldnt go into details.

anyway. rant a little
DAMN SIAN CAN?! i lost the old doc of the kuroshitsuji clothes that i have...
in the end i have to redo everything. on top of that i have to take care of every single details @_@ dammit. WHY CANT THEY DO THEIR OLD VERSIONS PROPERLY SO THAT I CAN JUS LAZY AND ORDER THE SAME SET?

so i wasted half of my day printscreening for the guys[basically zelmer,lawliet and chiru] and typing the details and order =.=
den i realise something ridiculous.
the ballgown is not one piece. its acually a FOUR piece....
corset, inner skirt, outer dress plus the rose lace piece across the shoulder. knn -.-
but i m asking the person to do one piece anyway. *sibei lazy for accuracy liao*
cos for lawliet's costume i've already typed one who chunk of instructions, like the colour accuracy, which things should be taken note of. what kind of cloth should be use, the lace type etc. @_@;;;

i nearly throw up blood searchin for a decent picture for zelmer's cos. ugh.
ah well.

all's done and well i guess 8D
shall wait for the tailor to come home and give me the exact pricin nao ;A;


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