RUKI DISAPPROVES![i called him HAHHAAH *kenna bricked*]

hahaha what does ruki disapproves of? Some photogs.

ionno i feel the need to rant but yet i dont wanna rant so much.

I've been working with tons of photogs ever since i got into cosplay scene. There are all kinds of photographers, but the kind which i hate the most are people who flaunt their professionalism.
I generally think that if you give professional advice, thats good.
but if it goes beyond that, like showing off and flaunting. I think thats stupid.

Probably the reason why i greatly avoid some photographers. I know you guys are so very proud of your own work, I like admiring it too. Shoving your so-called professionlism just puts people off though. Which is why i have developed the image that jus because you owe a DSLR doesnt mean you are some big fuck. [hahahaha i grown use to using that description thanks to shinn heh <3]


anyway. class is borin as shit today..
to top it off, no one was listenin when i tried to contribute. felt so shitty.
ended up editing pictures the whole day. probably gonna continue later.


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