picture editing phobia @_@

HAHAHAHAHAH damn funny la *pokes his belly*

anyhow. i can hash picture editing phobia @_@

*needs to go back to edit*


ok. that was random but ya. leg cramp.

anyhows. woke up late today @_@ at least i thought it was. i thought it was like 1-2pm. look at the clock, 12pm. fuck. *go back slp* HAHHAHAHA

anyhow anyhow anyhow
today i chance across this funny VK group. dunno whether to call them VK or not, cos they hang here and there. damn funny....

Jealkb (ジュアルケービー juarukeebii) is a Japanese visual kei rock band made up of seven members, all of them comedians including London Boots Ichi-go Ni-go's Atsushi Tamura. Their debut single Metronome hit number 1 on the indies Oricon chart and sold out the same day.The band's name itself is a joke. If you simply move the "ビー" to the front of their name it becomes Visual Kei (ビージュアルケー biijuarukee).

WTF PREASE. they are all COMEDIANS. really funny. hahaha but den again, almost all jrockers are dorks so yea.
Their song "Fly" is actually not bad, but i cringe abit maybe cos i prefer ruki's voice. HAHAHAHAH

okai /0/ off to photos again *wallows*


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