procrastination post AGAIN


happy stuff first.

Ciel is officially 15 and Yuuto is officially 17[along with a faceup i screwed this after and i m going to redo later in the afternoon]


Gettin trapped is the last thing i want.
It has always been the last thing i wanted.
I enjoyed attention but i do not enjoy possession.

Everything that I give should not be taken for granted and as if it will go on.
Alot of people have done that to me, and i've crushed a few.

How many times can a person be disappointed?
How many times can a person cry in a lifetime?
How many times can a heart breakdown emotionally?
How many times can a person get hurt physically?
How many times...

How many times must I ask myself all these questions?
Just. how. many.

Those words which I never let them leave my lips easily were doubted tonight.
Every single thing that i did. were doubted.
even though it was taken back and were explained
but things that were said will never be taken back so easily from me.

This is the start of the test isnt it?
Guess what. I dont even wanna try.
likes a maths exam. i'll prolly sleep through it.


remember my prev post bout suicide?

HAHAHA NO NO NO. i m not taking it back

i jus wan a memory loss. 8D

i dont know when i will post the BRS photos. but those who eager? TO FACEBOOK 8D hur~


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