Shit just keeps happening doesnt it?

If this keeps up. I dont think I m EVER going to get around to posting those lovely camwhores pictures =3=;;;

Honestly. I din know that cosplay can become such a taxing thing for me other den dealin with people saying i m a cosfuck.

dont know what the hell i did to offend this guy.


correct me if i m wrong ar.

cosplay is a hobby
cosplay includes tailoring, wigcutting, makeup ETC ETC which is categorize under art.
ppl like art as a hobby
ppl uses art to earn cash

using cosplay to earn cash = wrong?
can anyone tell me HOW WRONG IS IT NOW PLEASE?
correct my thinking with a good enough logic to convince me.

what bout those cosplay jobs? like giving out flyer, promotin event. how is that any different really?


shit just piles up one after another.
the exhibitionist comments
my own relationship problems [this one hit me real bad. i m still paralyzed from this]
and now this?

feel damn tired sia.

I am still going on with this shoot.
those ruthless comments just disappoints me.

makes me wonder if i should continue cosplaying or not...

but I WILL LUH OF COURSE. i wanna finish up my list =3=;; and i dont want to disappoint ppl who are lookin forward to them.


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