Shoots Shoots AND MAWRRRRR 8D

courtesy of January-Chan

Anyway. things have been happening, and my photos have been piling up 8D but i promise.
it will be up by tmr. 8D so on top is a contribution from Jan first 8D

I m just glad that I did not back out from the shoot from pressure.
There are shots which came out pretty nice <3>
The photogs are nice to work with, but of course some of them just pisses me off with their wrong attitude D8 but well, some of them are first timers, so i guess its ok.

After that we went to celebrate kaito's, yuuto's and Ki's bdae >w< shoot =".=";;;">


And today, i m so glad that i dragged my lazy body up and did all my makeup and stuff. It was an epic day.

Thanks to cutepetz for organizing this shoot 8D I m going to like go in some order...i m hopin i dont miss out anyone =.=;;;

Chiru >>> hahahah she be as epic as usual. made me laugh during a serious shoot =.= damn you luh, den after that we sat at the pool and started singing those love songs tv uses for advertisements. HAHAHAH it was damn crack.

Lawliet >>> twinneh a bit in active today, but i think she's tired already from so many days of chiongin and shit =.= so yea. *hugshugs* you still look adorable today~~~ love you

Sakurazaki ghey bro >> hahaha saw her in her normal state today. still so chio <3 her ="3="/~<3"

raistlin>>> seen this name around. Now i know the person behind the name. on and off cosplay looks DAMN DIFFERENT prease. hahaha but super nice guy. he is our ryuushitsuji today 8D hahahah the dragon butler XD

Rinya >>> SO LOVE HER HAIR /0/ the first person i disturbed after steppin into the dining room. looks like sleepin beauty when she was lazing on the long couch luh. den i go extra and arrange her dress =x

laoda >>> hahaha HOW LONG HAS IT BEEN SINCE WE DID A SHOOT TOGETHER? /0/ so happy seeing you again even though you make me look under-dressed.

thelindra >> 8D pretty snow princess. i was like UWAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH 0w0/~<3>>> *poke* hahahahha it was fun randoming with her 8D

Alex >>> WE MEET AGAIN 8D hurhur XD not much of a saikang lawls. *pokes*

Gino[is it spelt like that?], Amano and rescend? >>> nice working with you guys 8D

swiftwing >>> HAHAH DID YOU SLIM DOWN? 8D he look like he did though.

Blacklash >>> hahahahha now i know what they call you 8D so epic. today this woman wore PINK. so different from my usual image of her 8D so fun also. cos like swiftwing was taking her pictures den i had to rearrange her. she's like a human mannequin 8D she can hash manry hands ;A; *feels that i m a fail*

Aya >>> hahahah SO CHIBI PREASE. hahahah damn cute luh. she was the innocent victim that was kenna dragged and dressed up by cutepetz. After that I sorta taught her ballroom dancing. It was fun seeing her squeal and panic, but hahah she catch on very fast. I m jus happy my toes are safe from being stomped on 8D after we stopped, she was still bouncing around by herself. hahahaha a new name for her, pink fruffy thingy. HAAHAHHA

but anyway. today i wore this 120CM wig.
The moment twinneh saw me, she say look like gakupo, but kaito's colour
Chiru said it looked like Gui
Ghey bro say i look like a freakin vampire. hahahah

den we came up with a theory

I am a new singing program character in vocaloid, my name is Kakupo. My tone is tonedeaf.
at that note, everyone keep laughin. it was so nice to see everyone laugh <3

btw our[me and raistlin] supposedly butler and master part, was a bit fail imo. cos like


this section is for a certain person, that person knows it if that person reads this.

I am fine now, but this will go on for a while as I feel that there is a need to. I have seen how you have grown stronger day by day while I am by you. Now I am not, i still expect you to do the same, I am glad that I am seeing it[be it from the messages or seeing your online status]. I want to see you stronger and more mature den ever the next time I see you. This situation between us is not forever, till den, i know you'll be stronger. Just push on, I'll be here watching you change.


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