Sudden urges

hahaha bryan say i look like a blackpeace now model. ROFL

anyway, i have this sudden urge to blog. so i'll edit the pictures tmr, but i will still blog now.

jus now in bathroom after bathing. one of my eye turn red for no reason. irritation and all.
when i was lookin at it in the mirror, it reminded me of the numerous times i have cried during the recent periods. well not cause of those stupid comments.
Many people think i m strong, but thats negative, i jus dont do it outside. I only tear in the privacy of mah room and mah nice wittle toilet[which is being abused by my family] hahaha I am also a being after all.
I cry, well not like BAWLING cry, but silent cries. i can jus look into the space, and den suddenly overwhelmed with emotions and my tears jus break loose.


but yea. it happens alot. especially this half of the year. Usually happens when i m just reflecting on my actions. feel kinda stupid, but ah well 8D it life isnt it?

I am just wondering now. Should I keep my hopes high, and continue hoping or should i just break down those hopes before it gets smashed? I know i m given promises and all but knowin well, its is kind of unpredictable. Its the various things that was done that made me uncertain, because I thought i know well enough, but things that was done just surprises me, takes me off guard, and brings everything down.

*taps taps taps*

i dont know.

lookin at the various words...



i think i m about to get annoyed really soon.

den why the fuck am i doing it for? its defeating all purpose...dammit

ok. now I AM ANNOYED. *slams into wall*

i need sleep i think....*headache*


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