Canon Event Job

HAHAHHA scandal with ghey bro XD

anyway, today's event was awesome. hahahahahaha

in the end we din really used the skit =3=lll blah. but we had fun anyway /0/

the two most funniest persanz to me today is JESUKE and DD. hahahaha first set we din play much cos we were all very worried bout the turn out of the skit, which we din perform in the end. LOL

but yea =.= due to practice, i think i hurt myself real bad.

cos it went like that.. before the real thing, we were jus practicin in some private area outside, the floor was surprisingly slippery to everyone.

the first practice we roughly acted out abit.
den we started to get real on the second try

and while i was retreating from fighting from jesuke, i was suppose to act like i got hurt and kneel with one knee.
I miscalculated. i din know it was that slippery, my sole gave way, and my knee went crashin. i thought it was okay, cos it wasnt really THAT painful, jus felt like a normal bump.
den third try went rather ok. and jesuke decided to add a few more scenes to lenghten our fightin scene. so after we sorted out, we decided to go for another try.
jus den, there is a sudden pang in my damn knee. that i kneeled down on. i thought it was my illusion or something, so i ignored it.

so forth try.
i slipped a little again, and landed hard. hurt like SHIT. i thought i slipped alot. so i shook it off.
so in one of the scenes, i was suppose to knee jes and she was suppose to deflect it.
the moment, she touched my knee, i felt like the pang.
she pushed it. i felt like dying. LOL
even worse, i held to the pain, moved back, and supposedly "to be defeated"
at the that point. i was like =A='''''

so damn glad that the skit wasnt needed in one way or another, but,but, SO KE XI ;A;
cos like i thought the scene of us fightin was really good ;A; ah wellz.

now it jus hurts like shit, even when bending. idk what is hurt. cos the bruise is small but doesnt hurt when i rub it, only when i move it. LOL
i wonder HOW...the i suppose to go shoppin in such a condition tmr... but i m have to...guess i'll jus limp everywhere. HAHAHAH

so lookin forward to a few dates <3
hols~~~ HERE I COMEZ.... well. after tmr that is. LOL

to bed first. what ever photos can wait. HAHAHHA


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