one of my photos in the visual shoot. edited the one in the mirror so it looks like the mirror one is evil 8D hurhur


anyway...other den my current addictions, i have somethingelse to rant.

but first. today's celebration for jon was awesome

even though all three of us were bled dry. seriously. EMPTY OUR WALLETS DRY.
and i had screw ups, and all.
I have to really hand it to chiru and lawliet for handling my excessive smses and commands <3 love you guys.

All that i have planned[although it din quite go my way. lawls. hate time] have paid off the moment i see the look the on jon's face.
Hahahaha how often do you get to see your BFF speechless and touched due to your actions?

i'll followup again in future post when i post up the pictures for the celebration. even though it was belated, i hope he had fun. and also chiru and lawliet.
it's a memory to last. for all of us <3


anyway. rantz tiemz.

Sorry is something you say when you did something wrong, and you say it because you meant to change it.
when sorry is being used excessively, it becomes a convenience. You just say it for the sake of appeasing the other.
Usually, I accept sorry with grace[or even do little bit of sour cos i are harping on it] but when I hear it too many times, i get sick of it.
It wont appease me anymore, it only makes me sick and disappointed.

Its not that I dont try to think from the other side, but since changes are promised, i expected them to be fulfil. Saying sorry just isnt going to work for me.
Every sorry with a promise that is never fulfiled just gripes at my heart, either angering me or just disappointing me up till the point that i go to sleep with either a frown or tears.
It just builds up. Its not that I am blind or I did not notice, its just that it isnt shown clearly enough. I dont know....

This is clearly not working out. No matter how many times i try, this is still not working out.
Do i look like I dont care?
Do I look like I dont try to work it out?

Maybe I do. maybe I SHOULD BE THE ONE CHANGING since no changes can be made even though it was being yearned for and promised.
Its not just knowing what I think anymore, sometimes, I wish i can read too.

this, just. isnt. working. out. for. me. ANYMORE.


i'll show the real meaning of I DONT CARE .
pushing it is just going to tire everybody out, i m not going to push it any further. not anymore, because i just dont care anymore.

prolly. this is the only way to save everything. prolly.


on the ending note, good luck to Shinn for his practical tmr /0/ jiayou~


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