shoot and parteh

hahahaha...yes yes... FS is not for everyone XD

but anyway. i have alot of things to blog about, but currently damn demotivated luh


first. thanks to everyone who voted for me, but HEYYYYYY like angmohs can get more votes. hahhaha so whutever lor hor.


secondly is the shoot ytd.
damn fun.

hahaha bullied the twins.
gakupo got bullied badly by everyone hahaha cos he be gay
we did a little epic filmin

ran around everywhere luh. hahah damn funny.

den in the bus we were playing with the sunglasses i loan to akaito.
den in the end they were taking turns to mimick gackt, den then when it came to me, they FILMED it. hahahha so damn funny and paiseh please. i think gackt will kick me if he knows about it. LOL

den rushed to the snow area also. walao. everybody foam feet. kao. THE FOAM MACHIAM LIKE BLIZZARD PLEASE. hahahahaha so not romantic XD;;;
but we got some nice shots luh. least it looks damn good to me 8D

den in the end, we totally skipped the second scene cos like, hahahah we are all too chui to take anymore photos, cos the photogs all eating like no tmr liao. hahahaha

in the end, cab back with lawliet again. rofl.


today's was jin's bdae parteh. hahahah went over damn late luh cos FYP and laundry =.=lll hahahaha XD;;;

anyway, i think i kenna rashes sia. *damn random*

anyway. the parteh and all damn nice. i was there eating only. hahahhaha okok. i cut the bdae cake also 8D
kunio was like, so helpful, he also like stayed infront of the pit and kept cooking. hahahah

Alvin and soranoyume was like scribbling all kinds of things over jin's card. hahaha damn funny luh both of them. den i kept laughin at soranoyume's ending signature TSKTSKTSK

den after the whole thing.

me, nut, shinn, charsiew aka alvin, soranoyume pei-ed jin in her room until 12am. hahahaha den the five of us cabbed home seperately .

cos me and nut, for obvious reasons, we live 10mins walk from each other
the three guys live on the same line. HAHAHAHA


actually. no motivation to blog liao. so thats bout it tonight. tmr got shoot. *facepalm* jiayou. lol


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