small update

YAY for awesome skin on webcam, i still look chui anyway *gets bricked* jus one of the random days me and lawliet webcam in school *hugs twinneh* dont stress k?


anyway. jus a record of what i did over the weekends.

on friday, i PONNED. hahahaha first time ponning leisure. felt damn good man. din have to stress for that one cls =A=ll
i went to bedok to collect costume from Ayu den after ah gong sms me.
so i guage the time or so, realised that it was possible, so i arranged for breakfast with ah gong. It was a pleasure as usual, eating with him, always so humorous.

Then, after that, cabbed over to shinn's to slack. cos he can hash internet and on leave. hahahah XD listened to him play guitar, critic him, den i went on to watch sengoku basara. I WAN COS DATE, non-helmet version[god i hate the helmet design]
I swear that sengoku basara is one of the coolest anime which i like that can make me fall asleep while watching =.=

I remember i watched it once at home, fell asleep.
den i watched it at shinn's, felt sleepy, so i off and go to sleep also. LOL!!!
its like Gackt's music, i love his music, but i fal asleep listening to it =w=lll


on sat, rot at home the whole day =.= no motivation to do ANYTHING.


on sunday, went for the stupid standard chartered marathon thing. oh gawd. you know how disgusting it is to massage legs with like 3CM long curly hair? and why are you guys like so fucking budget, like, USING COOKIN OIL FOR MASSAGE? in the end my bed decided to change to the mr joint pain cream, which was so much better, smelled like choco mint also.

After that the whole thing, went to wash up and doll up at city hall toilets =.=lll hahahahah cos i be bimbo. LOL.
met up with rina, lawliet and naoya to discuss about the skit at bugis library, den we decided to change to another series for second set.
Went to play daiko at iluma, played one set[4 songs] with twinneh, den twinneh chui.
After that i had this stupid surge of energy so i played another 2 more sets [3 songs each]. so played like 10 songs. but i wasnt still wasnt quite satisfied when i left the arcade.

den slack at the open space near coluessuem.more pointless discussion.
den twinneh treat me to Ma Maison, damn nice prease. Halfway through our meal, DD joined us.
more and more discussions.

after that we went to to slack and discuss again. Everyone was rather tired and stressed out by this skit shit. we decided to change back to KHR for both sets again. did a rough plan out. and went home.

I was so tired on the train that i went to sleep den this irritating woman who was wear a blazer, her blazer end keep swiping over my head [i was facedown on my bag which was on my lap] so i got pretty annoyed...

reached home at 11, bath, online a bit, bth, slp ==;;;


on the good note. my EOY cos is jus about done. *happy* now lets home my wigs arrive safely. i really dont want any cock ups for EOY...


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