i m actually stuck with alot of backlog from 2009 @_@;;;

but i dont think i m intendin to post all anymore. its jus too....taxing HAHAHAHA


anyway, ytd was kinda awesome.
met up with old friends and STILL met new friends. hahaha

woke up at 1pm
went to ice-skating with ppl, namely xuan, ah gong, jin and vanda.
jin was still the same
vanda too, alot prettier
ah gong, well. no diff since i've been seein him alot this year
xuan still cant keep her hands off me. HAHAHA as in she keeps hittin meh ;A;

enqi damn loser. hahahaha stupid woman keep screamin and cried at the rink cos she cant skate/fall down/nearly fall down

I FELL ONCE. thanks to ms vanda. hahaha that woman fell, pulled me down and throw me infront. hahahaha i kenna bowled XD;;
*random* but i still realise i m dog food. lawls.
and got pulled around but lijie, hahaha veh long never feel this kind of cold win liao. damn shuang.

after that we went to have pasta mania. met oswalt there. hello nice guy 8D
den presh came, and got us a little something *huggles* love this little bubbly princess so much.

after that we had to go to shanghai dolly to look for deehellsix cos he asked presh to bring the earnings there. rofl. in the end, he was drunk and rolling in the staff room, or so what i heard.

hahahah ionno. i still think that clubs are not my thing. its prolly cos...
1. i am anal, i cant let loose
2. i hate crowds
3. i hate crowds with ugly ppl in it

but what i like bout it
1. friends
2. flashy lights 8D
3. music

so yea. lol.

met a few ppl there. that i know
adrian, haven meet this crazy woman for quite a while, cos she moved away from the dolly scene
samuel[sam whichever], know him as the *edited at his whim* SEXY porno bassist. cos he left quite an impression. hahahaha he's quite nice luh 8D but and two times i meet him, both time i was wearing boots. so i are still taller den him 8D
kelvin, hahahaha saw him once during superband, and now see him again. he's veh nice 8D and seeing huijin fawn over him is like. HAHAHAHHA

den after that we went to the bridge to drink with jonathan[iceskating one]
_inserts > did i mention me,jin, presh and jon spent the first hour of 2010 searching for a club to enter because jon was 19 and couldnt meet the age criteria of SHD? hahahaha damn epic. *end of insert*
they drink luh. i drink pepsi 8D;;; i still dont like drinking outside. hahahaha
after that, went home by cab.
thanks to jin and presh for cabbing this 70cents poor soul home. lol. really. i m officially broke. left 70cent for my whole entire fortune.
Nat >> lol. no worrehs. i will still find money to pay you back. rofl


anyway. this year, i have know quite a number of ppl
had fun with cosplay > thanks to lawliet, chiru and saku mainly
know who are my friends, acquaintances and enemies.

I m thankful for year 2009, and i m lookin forward to graduating in 2010 even though i have no idea where i'll be going from there.

i dont like makin resolutions because I cannot keep to them.

but i do have a few wishes.

- I still wish that Aoi knows me. but hahah this prolly wont be fulfiled cos i m not doing anything bout it except for loving him silently, prolly like any others fans would[or the richer ones would go see him lol]. hahaha

- i wish that some ppl i know would grow up in terms of mentality

- i wish that i would be richer

- can do more imba cosplays

- can have more good friends.
honestly i dont know why ppl keep saying i have alot of friends liao. seriously. my friends have decreased over the years. or prolly i filter out some cos i wan those that are serious and worth my time. rofl.
my goal is prolly to go around the world one day and realise i have friends EVERYWHERE. wont that be nice?


lastly i wanna be thankful for my family who tahan-ed all my extreme changes for this year.
my sense of fashion
my cosplay plans
my wig stocks overflowing
my change of taste in food
my vain-ness
my bioclock. oh rofl. i blame this on azh-hon. 8D *loves*

happy new year all 8D and i'll be floppin back to bed in a min to nua 8D


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