another day jus passed

hahaha EOY with allen walker, he was really walking around and around XD

anyway. i daresay. i recover quite fast. hahahahhaa /0/


so i skipped again today. super unproductive.
me and lawls went on a two-man crazy roll.

Slacked at library for a while, went to have lunch at ichiban and movie /0/
hoorah for student price, and $4.50 half udon. WAHAHAHAHAHA

den lawls came over to my house to nua again.


smiling at all my memories. good or bad, i realise how much I have grown.
I have learnt to be independant a long time ago, so i guess there is no way to go back to being dependant on people i guess.


she spent her time making a bear for me <3 SO SWEET RIGHT?
every single stich is handsewn by her, cloth cut by her. Everything is all done by hand. so touched please. i love my mom <3 and my dad too. hahaha he was damn random playing with all the bears, damn funny.

^^ to teh awesome bath /0/ or maybe later. HAHAHAH *shopping backlog pui*


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