Day out being pampered

the only photo I took+ another one with his phone which is with him =.= the rest was by him. lol. not to mention there were more in his phone by him..=w=lll

Anyway. i promised to blog bout it so there.

Yesterday, even after the recent disagreement we had, i promised to go out with him.
So being the way i am *rolls eyes* I was still hissy and abit tired from my illness.

preparation was HORRIBLE. i had to redo my freakin makeup..i was that disturbed. hah.
so in the end, i decided to lay off the gel liner since i cant concentrate..
threw on some M.A.C and bodyshop, smudge it off and moved on to hair.
pissed off with the hair too. decided to jus randomly brush it and slap on hairspray and get the hell out of the house. self- anger. lol. angry with myself. i can hash.

was like super moody, and even thought of cancelling it cos hello, someone went drinking last night. hahaha. and no -.- its not me obviously.

Doesnt it seem funny? You get very pissed off at times, but the moment you see the someone who meant something to you, be it friends, family or lovers, everything just lifts up.

So yea. AS USUAL, i reached earlier and i was late. hah. the irony. decided to go get some sweets, cos i are low on sugar. I swear this guy is blind. out of 5 times of meeting him, he will not be able to find me for 4 times. AM I THAT SHORT?
he's only 175, i m 165 but hiiiiii i had heels on. so i was like 170+?

so yeaa...i shook him from the back. hahaha.

After that we went to lunch. dont really remember the place though. the food was okay, but hahahah at least he tried. it was funny, cos he asked me how was it, and i gave him that uhhhhhhh ok? look, and he was like UGH you are hard to please =.=
i dont blame him, hahahah i AM hard to please =3=lll

After that, I decided to want to have dessert some other place.
1. the place was EXPENSIVE, it surprised me that we were even there and he was treating. cos usually, either we go dutch or i pay. ahahahaha.
2. the choices there were rather limited.
3. ...okay mainly the first reason. lol.

but we din get dessert in the end cos i dont see anything I fancy.After that we caught a movie, which he paid for again.
some spy thingy baby sitter by Jackie chan, seriously epic. hahaha /0/ we had sushi and juice while watching 8D

here are somemore pictures~taken by him with my phone. hahahaha it jus looks like nothing happened before, thats the magic i guess

he looks damn forced to smile HAHAHAH but its not the fact okayyyy

EPIC FACE!!!! hahahaha

It was a happy day and he sent me home because of the stalker incident. I din quite mention it but there is some weird guy around my area nao =.=lll i heard he stalked other ppl in my area too. wtf. so loserish. __ go earn some money and go to the prostitution house luh.

but anyway anyhow. i dont want such a date with him ever again.
its not that i dont like being pampered, its not that i wasnt happy. It was memorable.
but, baby, you need the cash for yourself. control your finance k? and your talk about chiaki and stuff got me thinking.
the situation is so much like nowaki and hiroki, just that I am younger.well. dont worry about it.

it will be alright. i know it will be.


just this morning. i read something which made me frown. no doubt it was directing at me because of the time line. I have never felt that way. I did not know that i was bothering you since there was no sign of it. All that ever crossed my mind was to just be there when you needed someone to talk to. the more I think about what was written, the more angry I got. Its like I was just nothing more then a some shitty being.

If its that way, then let it be. I just cannot believe how it has to be like that.
Do whatever pleases you. I will still be like that, the final decisions lies with you.


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