double edged sword

nothing changes no matter what we do.

its like a double edged sword.

regarding to my prev post.

friends of his will think i m a bitch
friends of mine will support me

but i'd say its because the both of us are too different. idealistic and strongwilled. its a double edged sword.

No one is to blame because everything takes two hands to clap i wont say emo stuff like its all me either.
i jus say that it doesnt matter anymoore.

both me and him.
i believe
we are pushed to the very edge already.
its just like that now.

its jus like that.

there is nothing to be said anymore.
whether it will get better or worse. thats left to the future. for now. to me...

its jus like that now.

dont wanna harp on it anymore.
dont want to think.

my mom was right.


on my way home from school now /0/

damn it. forgot to bring water bottle. coughing like no tmr.
these few days my nbody hash really been kind to me.
coughing, flu,migraine. thanks to people who showed their convern. It meant alot.
I am sick half of the time. but yea. i recover so fuck that. hahahaha.

okay /0/ back to fanfic


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