"fan" service

HAHAHHAHA i never thought i would do this

Cos i went out with Jane that time, the girl who fed me the whole day~~~*loves* the aussie flen~ and she told me bout this request. so i was like...uhhhhh shouldnt be a problem. hahahahahaha so liek

HI ALEX~~~~ i hope i got your name right =w=/ this ish dedicated to joo~
and lol. i cannot write you are awesome, cos i m awesome in that way and no one can be more awesome den me *gets bricked to death*

ionno if that guy reads my blog. but liek. hahahahha. 8D worth a shot /0/
i'll probably tag it in my fB when limpei eng eng heng heng/ HAHAHAHA

anyway. today was uber fun. i will blog bout it tmr. I PROMISE X3


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