Friend visit and a call 8D

Did i tell you guys about DIM scene tour?
did i tell you how breathtaking Aoi was?
did i tell you how manly uruha was?

did i tell you how sexy ruki's voice was?
did i tell you how cool reita looks?
did i tell you how cute kai was?
did i tell you how i will bed all of them if i could? *coughs* *gets stabs to death* oh mai.

me and chiru were like KYAKYA-ing over them in her class after school.
mostly me cos i cannot tahan them.
ruki's sexy voice
Aoi's *faints*
uruha's manry tauntings
kai's cute drumming style
Reita's growling voice <3


they are my Gods. hahahhaa <3


anyway. sidetracking.

i have picture backlogs to clear but i m lazy.

ytd i went out with jane. the saint of her, she paid for everything.

We went purikura first. was damn fun. i wouldnt say look like, but i resemble miyavi again in on the pictures =.=;;; non-intentional. lol.
den we went dinner <3 i finished everything cept for veggie *so proud of myself*
den arcade~ hahahah taiko FTW, den soul calibur 3 with her. she lost both rounds. HAHAHAHAHA
den after that we went ice-cream at benten. it was cool and fun hanging out with her even though i got screwed over by my mom for being late for home. hahaha. ah well..


and this few days i m pretty cheerful.
muz be ever since i started watchin DIM scene tour. and i have been happy ever since.

i m going to keep it a secret for now.but hi~~~~~~~it be awesome, because i m finally realising my dream from since 2-3 yrs ago?i would like to thank all my members for agreeing to my plans so readily though. you guys are awesome. <3

that added on to my cheerfulness.

i jus need to cosplay for the school HAH. yay.

so now i m actually waiting for my nails to dry.

i wonder if i will make it for the FYP report submission date though. hahahahaha 8D;;;


lastly is a call from overseas~

from WAYNE who is currently in Macau. called me to tell me he lost $150 gambling. HAHAHAH. damn suay sia him. ah well. what to do. his luck is like that. hahahaa. aiyo. should have stopped when you started losing bout 80-100 mah.

but of course.he also called to tell me he was going disneyland and ask me what i want from there. so nice <3 sankyuu ~~~~ hur.


i always think when i m alone travelling or when i m jus alone.
I find it easier to think when i m in a cheerful mood. have i been wrong?
I dont know. This mornin when i m travelling, i jus suddenly thought bout it again. maybe it deserves abit more. more of everything. can i still give? or is it my limit already?
Making plans and everything.perhaps i m actually trying to lenghten it?
i think so 8D
or maybe nt. HAH.

blah~ /0/

i know i'll be happy when i wake up again later. i know i will be looking forward to an Aoi-filled day~


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