*laughin like no tmr*

hahaha this woman hide like no tmr. this is Jane, mah aussie flen

so anyway anyway.

back to the topic. i m so amused the whole entire day.

the first thing i cannot say, but twinneh knows. it shall be our lil secret. homg luh. KARMA PLEASE OTL *goes eat vege*

the second thing is a thread on sgcafe.

LIKE. almost all the imba cosers i know are on that thread, HOW COME I NOT FEATURED?
you mean....
you mean....

i not imba enough ;A; *cries*

hahahah 8D
linkin doesnt count. my picture mus be big big thar.

anyone see it, please inform me 8D


oh rofl. i m jus too high from all the spastic laughin


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