MY wishlist for this year....

1. Aoi [oh rofl hahahaha]
jus kiddin. even though its my wish.

but on the top of my wishlist...

GAZETTE ART BOOK 5000yen [currently $75]

this has been on my wishlist since LAST year, but hell i din mention to anyone cos the last book i saw was $120 odd. now there is this ;A;

CAN ANY KIND SOUL GET FOR ME? lolololol even though i have all the soft copy of the pictures already =X but heyyyyy greedy sochii wants the damn artbook

hahaha jus kiddin. its still expensive. i'll save /0/ and prolly for other gaze stuff too =.=;;;

2. complete all my cosplay plans 8D
vocaloids with twinneh/chiru
gazette, miyavikei with chiku
aoiXuru with shinn

3. move my fashion taste straight into VK and ....more *coughs* alternate style. what style i will not say, but one person knows already. =A=;;

4. more bears. HAHAHAHAH dont ask why. i jus love bears

5. more makeup stuff


open house was alright. damn epic. met new ppl like jun and phyllo. /0/ phyllo be one hell of a funny guy. and jun. i jus couldnt stop laughin when he wants a refund for almost everything XD

k. back to frothing at mouth.

did i mention aoi is so sexy and beautiful that i cried watchin him do the DIM live? 5 whole seconds of watchin him smile at the song Filth in The Beauty. i fainted.

and gosh. i love uruha's tauntin. SHOW EM WHO'S THE MAN URU-PYON!!!!


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