New hair

hahahah NOT ME LUH. is CIEL. I jus let him tried on something i bought for him during christmas, and trimed it more blond~ hahahaha he is now a brunette, but i might switch him back to blond now and den. yuuto is currently in PIECES. hahahah going to rebuild him during next week.

TMR IS SOYB~~ YAY. lol. for fuck i yay. i m not going to cosplay cos of time restrictions =.= dammit. lol.
going to go take my test, head down to SOY abit and den go for some NTU talk. my future lies thar. LOLOLOLOL


CIRCUS DE BLANC [near the toilets. lol]<< ionno is this is how you spellz it, will be @ SOYB. PLEASE HEAD DOWN AND SUPPORT, they do really nice fanarts. I love them personally, but not enough to get me to go HOMG BUYSSS BUYSSS. hahaha. YET. they might come up with something which might make me do that soon.......i still prefer azh-hon's works. hahaha.

D06 Le Vents. <<< SWIFTWING[aka my fav photog since 2007] and gang of photogs will be having one of the booths there. well. i know I am not suppose to leak it out, but i got some permissions. Swiftwing has choose one of my photos that he has took to put on sale at the booth. So head on down if you wanna laugh at my photo 8D but be nice, and support the booth by buying some.
4R prints are at $3 only.
There will be larger print. 8x12 inches ones, at a slightly higher price.

*coughs*i will be there to sign any prints from 1-1.30pm. HAHAHAHAH!!! *gets bricked to death*
hahaha jus an inside joke, i WILL be signin my own copy[cos i are lovin my own siggy]. so if anyone wants me to sign, i will too. HAHAHAHA

HAHAHA HOPE TO SEE YOU GUYS AT SOYB even though the hours that i m going is PATHETIC, but ya, you get the drift. =w=/

oh ya. i m going to bring Ciel for the event too 8D

love you all. nights /0/ time to go mug for exams.


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