OTL wthwthwth

;A; i needs a hug from Uru-pyon toooooooo
well, Aoi IS better, but yea. i'll settle for any one of the gazeboys really. even ruki. LOL.

nothings' been going right these few days. its been gettin me really upset even though I am still smiling at people. i dont know why, i jus cant cheer up. I cant study, i cant concentrate.

on the side note, HALF of my new year clothes came. stay tune during chinese new year for my awesomely imba clothes =w=b
actually. one set came in wrongly, but I look damn good in it anyway. so fuck that. HAHAHAHA i jus realise this year's clothes are damn ghey for choices though. ROFL.

i m going to change my hair colour AGAIN, next sat.

SOYB this sat. but i cant cos. no point cos I can only be there for a while. pffttt. darn it. but ah wellz.


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