Over it

hahahaha i can has kai on my lap. XD

lawls. no ppl. you cannot find this picture ANYWHERE. cos this picture is yours truly, and taken by chiru. hahahaha i can look like kai too XD

random, but omg. i are so touched by those love stories movies nowadays ;A; it be so touching XD
watchin my sassy...uh should be policewoman
damn touchin <3


ok anyhow.

I m over yesterday's incident already and have come to terms with it X3

my dear saku gay bro, dont worry bout it anymore, and dont harp over it anymore or even bother other ppl bout it.
Its over.
I had my bitchy fit already.

i jus have to stick to my strict finance plan now =.= seriously no cosplay, excessive spendin for the nex two months at least.

ah wellz 8D


i shall go and do mah FYP now and be a good little boy X3


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