oh rofl. it be new post. i jus like pimpin ciel now that he is oh-so-chio again.

anyway. today sibei busy

morning go test, waited for shinn to finish his driving lessons till 12pm.

den we zao to ngee ann for SOYB. hahahahah stayed there for about 1hour or so. paid $5 to see a few flens. hahaha

went to swiftwing's booth, signed a few photos. den went to circue de blanc, cannot see kame, missed her by seconds always. hahahahahaha

den we went to suntec for the NTU talks. hahaha in the end, i wasnt really interested. lol. so we jus got phamplets to go home and see. hahahahahaha. after that, astons. went to buy shoes at jp, den arcade[basically him watchin me play lol]

den went to my home to get his leather jacket, in the end my mom asked him to stay for fdinner. hahahaha...curreh chicken for the win.
it seems funny, but i realise my way of consuming food is different from alot of people. Everytime they come to my house, and i eat something. They will be like, how can you eat like that? and they try and say its good. hahahah not only shinn, but a few other people also. so conclusion, my family is weird. YAY HAHAHA

everything is coming back ~~


I'll drag you to hell with me - Jang Han Seo

hot-blooded woman. MUST read. haahahah


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