Chio eyes that no one can resist <3 and i see fake double lid drawings XD<3
much love for that makeup style XD

anyhowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww i have alot of cravings/new obssessions nowadays.
1. to do a youtube video. oh hell. HAHAHAHHA
2. to cosplay
3. bread. lol. i jus go into a freaking bread store and spent freaking 5mins to choose one, buy it, get out, find a place to eat, finish eating, AND DECIDED TO GO BACK AND GET ANOTHER ONE. wtf totally. but hey~~~ ham is love <3
4. Aoi[nothing new here]
5. Sparkly stuff [oh lawls.]
4. HEALTHY DRINKS like sanzha tea, shuangsheng drink.omg wtf?!!!
3. work. omg. i m jus craving to work. hahahaha my workaholic spirit is coming back
2. not talking. HAHAHAHAHA ionno why. i jus dont wanna talk be it normal talking or my pathetic story.
My parents said 5 sentences to me in the morning...
- what time you going to school? - silence
- Remember to off the lights - silence
- Did you remember to bring everything? -nod
- Are you to take dad's car? - shuffles out of the house behind dad
- Byebye - byebye
1. Blogging. YAY i m blogging much more again >3

i m not in the school spirit...i wan my bed back ;A;
I bet tigger, suzuki and Aoi are all lying comfortably at home, in the warmth, on mah bed ;A;

My wounds are MUCH better now, thanks for all the buips about it.
and well. even though bathing still leaves me in hisses but yea, i m fine.

So many people are making new year resolutions @_@ but no worries. i m not about to do them.
I dont make any cos i dont keep any. and I dont make any ever since i was 12 i think.
before that, all my new year resolutions was to become a better kid and be better in studies. hahaha..fuck that. I love the way I am now, and I will be better in time to come, no doubt. *gets bricked for ego*

OH YEA. and i m also going to stop asking people to tag me if you read me. cos like, i just cannot be bothered anymore. I am glad that I have readers, no matter how little, and my tagboard is just for people with the urge to comment *LIKE ME HAHAHAHA*


OH OH i nearly forgot what i wanted to blog about =3=

Following the opening of my new blogshop [homg i cant believe i m joining the ranks but I NOT A XMM PREASE. lol]

R.lvl is now opened to INTERNATIONAL customers: http://relevel.blogspot.com/2010/01/for-international-customers.html

so thar.

end of story


I m in school right now...though i was greatly tempted to skip it =.=;;;
I have become a deviantstalker
i m back to reading manga...lol.

I have to finish my FYP orz


Maybe I am sick of it
Maybe I am not the one
Maybe I just couldnt be bothered anymore
Maybe I am just bored of it all
Maybe I am not serious
What I am saying...
It doesnt matter anymore no matter what we do
It has been reduced to such a pathetic stage
The next wave will end everything. I assure you. Be prepared, I already am for it.

Things that fuck with your mind. Its so surreal.


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